Business Directory in Windhoek, Namibia

Business Directory
in Windhoek, Namibia
A Namibian-crafted Yellow Page Business Directory tailored specifically for the Namibian community.
There exists an African proverb that dictates that the best way to eat an elephant standing in your path is to cut it into little pieces. At WIKINAM we do this on a daily by providing supporters the Swiss Army knife to cut off their own little piece of elephant.

Make a Difference Today

Be part of our team! WIKINAM is not asking for handouts! For less than the price of a loaf of bread WIKINAM users on average reach more than 10 users daily in 2020 through our different marketing channels.

NB: While WIKINAM can bring the horses to the water it is not our job to make them drink. It is our subscribers job to make lemonade from lemons.

Benefits through our yellow page contact page listings (i.e. Yellow Page Advertisements) that are displayed randomly on many of our pages. WIKINAM will be working on algorithms in 2020 to ensure that the clients that promote us the most receive the most attention. Additionally category pages are sorted based on the level of support (i.e. Categorized Priority), Google Search, Facebook and Instagram.

WIKINAM also offerc IT and ICT related services such as domain name services, to-levele domains, sub-domains and email. More products and services will be presented over time. There is no poin in cutting of more than we ca chew.

Our goal for 2020 is to offer a Trade Directory that is easy to find, use and understand and works well on all devices. If you therefore own a business in Namibia, please help us by putting bread on our table. Your business will certainly be better off for it. Please send us an Whatsapp, SMS or Email as can be found on our system menus. Alternativey call us. We will gladly return your call should this prove helpfull.

How to Get Started

A SERVICE Menu (Left Bottom) provides easy access to WIKINAM's System wide Contact Information, Categories and Important Services.

A PAGE Menu (Right Bottom) provides access to relevant information for that specific page.

Errors & Omision

Please report any recommendations, errors and omissions through SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook or email. Buttons have bee provided for email and Whatsapp to ease this process. Our contact details can be found under the Page Menu (i.e. Binoculars).

How to Find a Business

WIKINAM employs Google Custom Search to provide relevant iformation based on site content. This can be used to find businesses, brands, products, services and information. It would be difficult to match Google Search' complexities. Many have tried and failed. We therefore decided to work with Google rather than against them.

Most subscriber pages reach Google Search rankings on the first page in less than a month. Subscriber's are however warned that there are exceptions to every rule.